Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Memory Bank

Paperlust on Etsy customized this guestbook with a spot for guests to sign in and a framed place to put the Polaroid. Amanda is excellent to work with and will help you find the perfect style of paper and colors to match your look.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bearing Rings

Pillows are cute, but the nest can be the best. I bought this love bird home from The Artist's Closet on Etsy and only used two eggs (one for me and one for my groom), then added the symbolic rings for the ring bearer to bring down the aisle. I also liked that it was a nest, which was what my husband and I were soon going to be building.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I can't handle that Polaroid's instant film is going to be extinct, but let's hope someone else steps up and makes something compatible (that's what I hear might happen). Get yours on Amazon.com while they are still around and let your guests snap some great shots at your wedding. I had guests take photos and put them in my specially made guestbook where they can sign and attached their picture.

Online Dress Buying

A reader had a question about purchasing a wedding dress online and here are my thoughts:

My friend Holly bought her dress online and it was perfect, but I would say to definitely try many dresses on before ordering one in a style you haven't seen on your body. When I was searching for my dress, I had many looks that I liked, and they were all very different. It was through trying on that I realized what worked best for me and suited the style I was looking for.

Also good to call the company you are ordering from and check with the Better Business Bureau just to be sure it's a good place to order from—particularly if the prices seem too good to be true. And check their return policy.

Floral Extras

Flowers everywhere! From top right: ceremony flowers are highlighted with branches, flowers submerged in water with branches and topped with candle, multi-colored rose petals adorning the aisle with pomanders framing the way to the altar, French pails, candelabra decorated with vines and flowers.

And if you're from down South, my florist Ashley from Nola Flora in New Orleans, LA can do all of this and more.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Floral Fantasy

Since I was working with a florist who was out-of-town, I put together a collage of the flowers that inspired me most. When deciding on flowers, think about every aspect of how they are put together. Here were my ideas:

Flower color theme: Deep red, pink, purples, light leafy greens
Natural, rustic, mix of rich and soft colors, with a vintage feel

All tied with natural colored raffia. All bouquets should be well-formed, with a rustic feel.

The flowers (from top right):
Stephanotis, Bouquet from The Knot that caught my eye and inspired, Pink Peony, Lamb's Ear, Dusty Miller, a mix I put together after a visit to a local florist of Eucalyptus with berries, Purple Anemones, and Black Magic roses, Deep Pink Dahlia, Bluebird Rose.

Once I get the photos back, you'll see the final result.

I'm Married!

There are so many little details I can share about my own wedding now that my groom has seen it all. I have to say that I am going through that "it's all over" feeling in that I had so much fun planning and making the decisions all in anticipation for the day only for it to be over. All of the pre-wedding plans are so much a part of the joy of your wedding. So enjoy it all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pronovias Is Chic

The Pronovias Flagship just opened in NYC and they have some of the most amazing gowns. They feature the Pronovias Vintage collection (top two), which captures a sexy innocence. Love the 50's look. Plus, Manuel Mota dresses are also there! These standouts (bottom two) are totally different, but both are so elegantly crafted. Absolutely stunning!

Monday, March 31, 2008

A Bride's Gripe

I went to a wedding show a few months ago and while it wasn't very helpful or informative, it was fine. People were nice even though it was crowded. I felt there wasn't anything there that I didn't already know about and it mostly seemed like the ads in a bride magazine...you know, the ones you flip right over to get to the good stuff. Only at this bridal show, there wasn't much of the good stuff.

My gripe is in the aftermath. I didn't give my email or phone number to many vendors (maybe one), but my info was supplied upon check in. I have received an email or phone call almost every day regarding something bridal that I am not interested in and I have to say it's very annoying. I am unsubscribing each time, but there is always a new one from a new company popping in my inbox. The last call I received was from a huge bridal store. I told the person I wasn't interested and then he starts asking a ton of questions:

Him: Well, where did you buy your dress?
Me: Kleinfeld
Him: What style was it?
Me: I'm sorry but I am not interested in answering these questions.
Him: Well, can you tell me if it was a mermaid dress, an A-line...
Me: Sorry, no, not interested. Thank you.

My wedding is two months away and I really hope these calls and emails do not continue beyond the honeymoon. Beware of giving out your info if you go to a bridal show.

Friday, March 28, 2008

To Have And To Hold

For a rustic outdoor wedding, flowers in pails are a beautiful touch.

Or you could go with wood flower holders instead of a vase. They are great to bring a little outdoors inside, too.

Very Vintage

I found this bouquet while searching The Knot and it's just the most beautiful arrangement. It carries it's own fantasy...for the bride walking out of the woods, to a clearing where her groom is waiting.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monkey Do

I love Monkey Tail boutonnieres!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KT Jean Is Chic

I've been kind of obsessed with Etsy.com lately. It's important to me not to have a "catalog" kind of wedding. I don't want mass produced run-of-the-mill favors; I won't get a French mani; I want to add a unique charm to every detail. Granted, it can get expensive, but it also can save a lot if you go with designers with a DIY ethic.

Which leads me to my dress fitting story. I went for my first fitting and it wasn't as fairytale as I wanted it to be. I am in love with my dress...don't get me wrong...I am just concerned with the length. I've never wore a floor length gown before and I, a girl who lives in heels, had a hard time walking the length of the fitting room. I thought, How am I supposed to dance? I can't show you the dress here since my soon-to-be husband checks this page out every now and again, but it's a vintage-like Melissa Sweet that my friend Steph said had a touch of "rock and roll and country." It's very me, but being me includes wearing heels, and while I can weather trekking around the snow in three-inchers, I fear of falling down in this gown.

Solution? Etsy! Namely KT Jean Designs. I just ordered the mini and in case I feel like I can't shake it on the dance floor as much as I would like to, I can slip into this. Katie Jean also makes full length gowns that are a steal and absolutely gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For The Birds

Birdcage veils bring out old Hollywood glamour. They look chic with shorter wedding dresses, but also add major style to long vintage looks, and also can take a simple modern gown and give your look even more elegance. I love these by CastleBride. Designer Kirstin Fox handcrafts these delicate beauties to your specifications. See more of her designs here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck Of The Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Go green for your wedding with these lovely lime colored blooms.

From top: Green Orchids, Echinacea Purpurea, Zinnia Dahlias, Clematis Forsteri

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Abbreviated Versions

Want to show off a sexy, yet still sweet, pair of heels? Go short! Oscar de la Renta (top) and Chanel showcase these darling dresses.

Found on MarthaStewart.com.

Amsale Is Chic

From Amsale Blue Label
Spring 2008

She's Tops

Ah, the cake topper. What to grace the top of your confection is a minor detail, but still a very important one. It's something that you can keep with you long after every bite of the cake is gone (or the top tier is just too freezer burned to eat). Nicole W. Clark makes five-inch replicas of you and your groom! These polymer clay renditions can feature anything you'd like—from the groom's facial hair to adding in your pet. Check out some of her work here.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rami Kashou Is Chic

"Project Runway" spoiler alert!

For those of you who didn't see the finale yet...stop reading!

So...Rami didn't win (I am so happy for the fierce Christian!), but he did craft a gorgeous deep champagne dress that would make your wedding day...well, totally fierce!

Stylish Celebrity Wedding: Nicole and Keith

June 25, 2006
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban get married.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

H&M—The Results!

I wrote about having portraits drawn from a photo last month, but didn't have the original photo to show you what Leslie, the artist behind the shop on Etsy, Unless Someone Like You, creates from...until now. She made this incredible portrait from this photo taken when Hans and I first started dating. It's better than an engagement photo! It's an 8x10 size print and looks fantastic in a black frame—and it's only $75. She asked what kind of colors I wanted and if anything should be called out. I told her to just capture the blue of Hans' eyes and she sure did. I surprised my man with it...he did give me the ring—it's the least I could do. Love it!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ulrich Engler Is Chic

I can't help it...I buy British bridal magazines even though most of the items cannot be found in the US. But there are some fantastic ideas that can be used. In UK's Brides, I saw an ad for Ulrich Engler. The paleness of this photo, the ruffled detailing on the back of the dress, and jet necklace draped behind instead of in front has such an allure. I don't know where you can get his stuff in America, but where there is demand....

Stamp Counselor

I just sent out my invites! My wedding is 86 days away (TheKnot.com keeps me informed of the countdown) and we wanted to get them out early since 99 percent of those invited are traveling for our big day, which is taking place in New Orleans. I knew from my sister's wedding that my handwriting was good enough to address all the envelopes, but anything we could do to not tax my hand too much would help. So we purchased a rubber stamp that looks super chic...the only problem? The last name is in the center with the address written around it in a circle. Obviously, we didn't think it through. It's fine for a return address, but we didn't think we could stamp it on the RSVPs as it wasn't clear enough for the post office to read. So I hand-addressed those as well.

I was browsing on Etsy and came across these well designed and post office-friendly stamps by Sweet Papery. They sell many with horizontally placed addresses and feature slick fonts and styles. They can also customize. Your hand will applaud you for this purchase, plus most of them are in the twenty dollar range!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Victorio & Lucchino Are Chic

Spanish scenesters Victorio & Lucchino have been designing together since the '70s. Their Spring/Summer 2008 collection includes these styles, which, to me, evoke the feel of delicate forest nymphs. All are gorgeous in ivory!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Head Case

Erin Fetherston not only makes amazing clothes, but she adorns her models in the most terrific headpieces. Sadly, they cost hundreds of dollars and I cannot justify spending that much for mine. So...I am attempting to make my own. My sister and I popped into Toho Shoji on lunch break (it's in Midtown, NYC) to purchase some pearls, feathers, and various other findings. I spent just over fifty dollars, but with those items, along with some other trinkets I bought from vintage shops, I think I can make something work. I'll post my creation, but these photos from various Fetherston ad campaigns are my inspiration.

Stylish Celebrity Wedding: John and Caroline

September 21, 1996
John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Caroline Bisset get married.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Love Birds

Being a bride-to-be can be stressful and that makes me want to reach for my comfort standby...chocolate chip cookies. I've been resisting (sort of) and I'm trying to get back on my gym schedule. So when Self magazine came across my desk with the coverline "Quickie Workouts You'll Love" I was intrigued. Little did I know that while flipping through the magazine, I found a little article featuring Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses. You know that cute dress sold at American Apparel that you can wear a zillion different ways? It's just like that, but in a jersey spandex/nylon blend, making it all the more fancy. New Yorker, Ariane Goldman created the line when she dressed her bridesmaids for her wedding. You can style each dress to flatter each of your 'maids in their own way. Go for a Grecian look or a basic strapless with a braided back. Try out the halter version or one shoulder style. There are ten options and ten color swatches...you won't have to stress and reach for that cookie...or whatever your sweet tooth craves. Plus, your bridesmaids can express their individual style. See more at TwobirdsBridesmaid.com. Now I'm hitting the gym!

Suzanne Ermann Is Chic

From Paris with love comes Suzanne Ermann, a couture designer whose resume includes collaborating with Chanel and Thierry Mugler. Her sometimes whimsical wedding dresses are as adorable as La Vie En Rose star, and now Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard.

With many styles to choose from, Ermann brings on drama and romance. I love the one that goes from ballgown to mini with just an unsnapping of the bottom. Check out more of her designs at Suzanne-Ermann.com.